Erick Rowan left a trail of devastation in his wake on SmackDown because he attacked both Roman Reigns along with Daniel Bryan.
Bryan still wanted his apology out of Reigns after he branded him a liar and gave him a Spear on the show of last week.
Reigns arrived, however, his now-confirmed puzzle attacker Rowan blindsided him and delivered a ferocious attack which comprised some very ingenious steel steps usage before he can reply.
Bryan said attempt included the strategy of slapping Rowan an action where the resulting reaction saw Rowan deliver an Iron Claw Slam via on him and came to halt the beating.
Rowan and also Reigns will go head to head to Clash of Champions dwell on Sky Sports Box Office on September 15, as this feud has now become a three-pronged affair, however might Bryan become a part of this match?
Bayley and Banks resume chair-based hostilities
Despite her shocking turn of face on Raw when she decimated Becky Lynch by Sasha Banks with a chair in a show of solidarity, the SmackDown women’s winner Bayley arrived on the gloomy brand puzzled by the fans‘ reaction.
Bayley stressed that, despite her action that were shocking, she was the same person and that she simply supported Banks, that has been her friend for many years.
Her second challenge is to overcome“the most selfish person on the roster“ at Clash of Champions – Charlotte Flair, a comment which brought out the challenger and contributed into a melee between them both.
Banks tussled with with Flair until it broke up using a few chair strikes into the back of The Queen and came. Together with Charlotte down, Bayley handed the chair prior to tossing it back to Bayley to cap off the assault to Sasha, that brutalised Flair with a few swings.
Ali and Gable advance to King of the Ring semi-finals
Chad Gable along with elias would soon be the representatives in the semi-finals of this King of the Ring tournament of SmackDown after they defeated Andrade and Ali respectively.
The cruiserweight Ali took to the heavens as Elias attempted to offset overpowering Ali decimating his opponent on the outside and utilized his pace.
Ali targeted Elias‘ arm but averted a 450 Splash before instantly connecting with Drift Away to punch his ticket and withstood an superkick counter tops from Ali.
Andrade had been tipped as a favorite to win the championship but his conduct is finished after Gable persevered in the vital minutes of the match, somehow leaning off the stiffest of elbows out of Andrade along with Vega’s hindrance to pull off an extremely impressive roll-up to get a massive win.

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