Caution: spoilers for many previously aired“Game of Thrones“ year 8 are ahead!
The final episode of“Game of Thrones“ will air on Sunday, May 19, and with it, presumably, will come an end to the eight-season-long war of series for rule of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
For fans of the HBO fantasy collection, that signifies this series finale will most likely see a king of queen of Westeros crowned. But in a series that often subverts the traditional story if that the situation of medieval fantasy tales, who knows?
There are many fan theories, prophecies and predictions that have come and gone and in this year, they have mostly gone, as the TV series has long past outpaced the“A Song of Fire and Ice“ novels upon which they were based.
So unlike in several previous seasons, not even long-time super-fans really have a leg up on the audiences when it comes to knowing how it all will wrap up. None of our Azor Ahai guesses, valonqar theories or L+R=J confirmations can help us now: CleganeBowl has come and gone, the Night King is a pile of slush, and Queen Cersei is buried under smoldering rubble (along with the rest of King’s Landing).
So since we do not have any source material to proceed, we went with teh next best thing: the predictions in the Odds Shark site, which has chances set for everything from“Will ____________ survive the last episode?“ To that will talk this episode’s final line to the odds on the ways Jon Snow may expire.
Here are a couple of of the most interesting and biggest odds rankings – notice the bigger the number, the less you’d get on a bet, and thus the more likely that they believe it to be.

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