Roger Federer says in which he’s dreaming of winning his first individual Olympic gold medal he expects to compete at Tokyo 2020.
Federer overlooked the Rio Olympics for a knee injury, but the 38-year-old is already making plans for the next year.
Meanwhile, the Swiss, who won Olympic gold in men’s doubles using Stan Wawrinka, is weighing the choice of whether or not to play in Tokyo and has made up plans until Wimbledon.
„I’m very enthusiastic about the prospect of maybe playing the Olympic Games, however I am not very convinced yet,“ confessed Federer.
„My planning goes until Wimbledon next year that’s a couple weeks before the Olympics, so I guess I’m going to be deciding about the Olympic Games in the upcoming few months, hopefully another month or so.
„It has been such a special occasion for me personally over the years. Me and my wife in 2000 taking the flag at Athens and Beijing for its Swiss Olympic delegation which was a dream for me personally come true.
„Winning doubles gold using Stan Wawrinka in Beijing then getting the silver at London, in Wimbledon. Therefore for me, maybe to be part of it again would be fantastic, especially after missing the last variant in Rio due to a knee injury, but I’ll only need to see how my family is doing, how my body is performing, and then if all is green and I truly feel it is the ideal thing to do, then I will play that, otherwise I’ll skip it but it would definitely be a nice challenge, I admit.“
Federer is currently ahead of the third edition of this Laver Cup, in.

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