Its Been a long road to the Premier League to Get Ralph Hasenhuttl.

After beginning his career as youth coach in SpVgg Unterhachinghe climbed through the ranks in Germany — coaching at all three leagues — prior to landing a dream move to Southampton.
The first caught the eye as he turned taking them into Germanys top flight for the very first time in their background out of the bottom of Bundesliga 2.
His challenge was leading newly-promoted RB Leipzig to a second-place finish within their Bundesliga season, securing them a spot. They finished third in a group that included Monaco, Besiktas and Porto, dropping into the Europa League in which Marseille beat in the quarter-finals them.
These are only a couple of the successes Hasenhuttl has experienced as a manager and he is looking for something similar at Southampton, in which hes using all his past experience to succeed in the Premier League.
Sitting in the comfort of Southamptons modern training ground to the outskirts of the city, a relaxed Hasenhuttl tells Sky Sports:Every step I have taken so far was important for my own development as a trainer and a manager because I think if you find out that your job in the fundamentals, it helps you hugely whenever you are at the maximum level because every error you make there can make a huge effect in your operation.
Im very thankful that I got the chance to experience all my measures, from the childhood up into the next, second and first league in Germany and the Premier League. It if you want development for a supervisor then.
As a manager, the two promotions were very significant, the first using Aalen (from Bundesliga 3 to Bundesliga 2) and the moment with Ingolstadt to the Bundesliga, that was maybe the biggest success.
Additionally reaching the Champions League in the first year at Leipzig, that was a really big step in my career, but being a manager from the Premier League would be the best its possible to reach. Because it was the next step, I truly wished to move.
He had been denying that a fantasy when Hasenhuttl was offered the opportunity to visit the Premier League with Southampton at December 2018.
It is the best league in the world, youve got Champions League games 12 times throughout the season if you like, since we play with six teams who are in Europe so its something of a fantasy. I wished to come back here as a player but I was not good enough, I think, but to perform it because a manager is even more unbelievable for me and I am very happy Ive got the chance to appear here.
Southampton were languishing in 18th if Hasenhuttl came last season, facing a fall back after six decades, with the likes of Mauricio Pellegrino. However, it was a scenario which Hasenhuttl was well-equipped to deal with, and choosing another team in a situation was not just a coincidence.
It feels like it is something I love since you can have a big impact in this a club, he describes. Youre bringing your philosophy, your work ethic along with your mentality, then you can obtain an immediate outcome. What I find now is were thinking I truly love to go this way and we are going to win.
I managed in the Champions League and it is perhaps a different goal you have there, you have to win each match and this, you really do want to win every game, but we know it will not happen because were none of those large clubs in England. We will make developing measures, little ones but do this always.
Its challenging to talk without creating the connections. Both have similar styles of drama, having studied the same course for their training badges, and will be the exact same age – 52.
However, what can Hasenhuttl believe his football philosophy consists of?
I think that its a very active one, a very intense one and a match that suits perfectly in the Premier League, he reflects. We are extremely front-foot defending, aggressive on the leap, we attempt to take early, triumph balls early, we do not remain long in possession, we attempt to play score and deep.
We must be organised at the Premier League because the groups are so strong here and they will kill you if you are not organised, which explains the reason the reason we work a lot in being the perfect shape and knowing when we need to strike.
I believe it is something weve developed so much and we have not had too many blank sheets but when we do, it is very good defensive work by those players.
I think its very great to see if we play, if youd like a fantastic signal in my point of view, it is every time that my teams are playing football, you can quickly see it is a group from me and this is precisely what I need to show.
Ten months in his time in Southampton, and Hasenhuttl is learning about the intricacies of the Premier League, but he has changed a lot .
One thing Ive learnt is that the various varieties of football from different directors from throughout the world, he said. It is like a spot where everything comes together in the maximum degree, so in the event you would like to perform here you have to get ready for each shape, every kind of soccer and this is very intriguing to me.
I like to push each button that is necessary to drive. Weve changed our behaviour collectively, the means of playing football, our silhouette. The power of the training session altered and at the squad, we shifted it a bit.
We introduced some fresh players in with a good mindset and, meanwhile, we have a great personality in the group and were in a good way. Its tough from the Premier League and I want to be successful. Youve got to take points always and you always have competitions where it is hard to take things .
Southampton have taken seven points out of their seven Premier League matches thus far and welcome Chelsea on Sunday, live on Sky Sports, in search of the first triumph because the middle of April at St Marys.
I think we had a very challenging program in the beginning Liverpool and Man Utd at home with one point, Hasenhuttl clarified. We might have had but contrary to Liverpool, we had a large opportunity to have a point but we did not. The home match against Bournemouth was the most easy one from our initial four home games but you see that it isnt easy to win a game.
It would help us if we scored a little bit sooner, that is what we want to do butthen, you ought to be quite great and dedicated for 90 minutes and we all understand that we may win games in your home.
Frank Lampard is doing a very good job. It is not simple to visit Chelsea with all of the stress you need to form a new team with inexperienced gamers but hes a great deal of quality in his team. They have shown they are able to do.
I am anticipating an intense match, an open game and a match with a lot of good chances for both sides. I think both teams are currently playing fast forward and I believe its going to be very intriguing. If you wish to win a match against the enormous top six, you must have an excellent performance and its time to demonstrate that at home
So whats next in Hasenhuttls master plan what should they be planning for his tutelage and for Southampton?
Our primary goal is not to be in the relegation zone, to emerge out of there and try to create the next step of growth, the Allied concluded.
We know the options with the possibilities we have financially are not the greatest ones so we have to make tiny steps because we must produce players to get much better. For thiswe need time and also I think we have showed we will get better and better and that we have the players to create the step.
Weve talked about a period that we want and sure, at one time, the top half of the table would be our target. That is something I want to do next but if we perform better, if we create this group better, then theres absolutely an opportunity to come in place nine to seven or six.
Southampton vs Chelsea is dwell on Renault Super Sunday from 1pm; kick-off 2pm. Sky Sports clients can watch clips that are in-game in the match site about program and the Sky Sports site. Highlights are also printed on the Sky Sports Football YouTube station and the Sky Sports digital platforms soon.

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