Vegas veteran Benjamin Eckstein, author of Americas Line, brings three decades of expertise to create weekly??picks within hisEcks & Bacon column.
Las Vegas – BLEEDING pinstripes, but NEVER bet with my spirit, so gonna have to take a pass.
But a ride action tonight using Florida Atlantic fighting Marshall, South, and will take is using all FAU -5 points. After looking this year, it looks like Lane Kiffins Owls cant deal with the cream, but certainly dont have any trouble. Atlantic lost to Ohio State the #1 team in the country, and also to UCF. Thus, no surprise, and nothing to be embarrassed about.
They ripped off four straight wins, when the Owls got to the cupcakery part of the program. Adding a 28-13 W from Middle Tennessee State last week. Do like to do the score item, but Marshall lost to Middle, 24-13. Just sayin. Put me down for a small number of chips around the Kiff, or, as some know him! Google it and youre going to get a laugh.
Actions this evening on the ice, where we are gonna skate to place a bull against Detroit. The Oilers revel in a 3-0 perfecto, and are on fire early, winning six of their first seven. The Red Wings have lost three in a row and four of the last five, therefore we buy OIL!
On to Sunday, and its the 49ers -9.5 points within the Redskins. The genius Kyle Shanahan, of Xs & Os of san Francisco, has been the offensive coordinator in Washington because of his daddy Mike in 2010-13. After Kyle was asked about his favourite memory during his period in D.C.he statedbeing in a position to work with my dad and be about some other excellent coaches. Then came the followup. What is the strangest part? Everything !
The knock against the kid was that he got the job due to his Daddy. Well, perhaps, but since then Kyle has shown he has chops. He was O-coordinator for the Falcons and directed the offense to some Super Bowl shot. His first couple of years from the Bay were kinda crappy, but now he has Jimmy Garappolo back and healthy, the Niners are 5-0, with a STOUT defense (allowing fewest yards and 2nd fewest points). Washington limps in within also more ugly 0-7 up run at home, and an spread run, so theres only 1 thing left to state. Yes, this IS my BEST BET BAABBEEE!!!
And naturally, gota three group 10-point teaser throws . Gonna hook Penn State, a school group . Then you can grab the Nittany Lions and shed the line from -8 to +2 points from Michigan, if you shop carefully. On Sunday, gont attempt Philly, and bump against the Eagles up from +3 to +13 points against the Cowboys. Close up shop with the Chargers and bulge the Lightning Bolts upward from +2.5 to +12.5 points against the Titans.
Benjamin Eckstein is a sportswriter/oddsmaker that is syndicated. His column, the Line, together with all the Ecks & Bacon appetizer of America, has run at the New York Daily News and over 100 other papers since 1988. You can follow him online at?? He detested by others, when he picks the failure, and is loved by most, when he picks winners. Should you wanna slice of Eck, hit on his email…

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