Kyle Rudolph’s new contract expansion provided the cap-strapped Vikings some relief.
NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Tuesday that the deal clears about $4 million in 2019 cap area for the Vikings, per sources informed of the circumstance.
The Vikes had just more than $1 million in cap space, per Over The Cap, before the Rudolph deal supplied some short-term relief.
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NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport supplied additional clarity on the breakdown of Rudolph’s four-year, $36 million extension consented to Monday night and formally announced Tuesday afternoon: Rudolph earns $1.625 million additional annually added to his $7.625 million base salary, which includes $9 million completely guaranteed in $ and all 16.025 million in total guarantees (including injury claims ), according to a source informed of this deal.
The breakdown illustrates that after 2019, it is back to a year-to-year proposal with Rudolph. In a feeling he got an additional $1.625 million this year so as to supply that the Vikings salary cap relief. When he plays up to his criteria, he is back in Minnesota in a manageable rate. If he drops off, the Vikes could move on with limited harm.
Rudolph’s situation was tenuous for months awarded the team’s salary cap situation, his cap hit, along with the team drafting Irv Smith in the second round. The veteran tight end rightfully wouldn’t require a pay cut to remain, and sides were moving back and forth within an expansion before Monday night’s deal came into fruition. Throughout the process, Rudolph has stated he wished to remain in Minnesota if the deal was right. The four-year extension worth $9 million per year, which can be on par with the top TEs, if it’s seen during, did the trick.
A playoff contender, the Vikings wanted to find a way to keep Rudolph for 2019 since Smith makes the difficult transition from school to the pros, while generating cap space. Cutting the veteran was an outcome they expected to prevent. The four-year extension seems to have satisfied everyone for a minumum of one season.

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