Muhammad Ali.

Jack Dempsey. Floyd Mayweather. Rocky Balboa. One of these boxers is fictional but they are all fierce competitors that boxing players look for when wagering on this particular sport. Pun alert! Or more correctly, since this is pun and boxing (ches) need to land, poor pun alert!

Fundamental Odds and Betting Options
There are lots of betting options for boxing and each takes a different approach. Here we will explain the moneyline, approach of success bets and total rounds wagers.

This is a common wager for boxing fans and just requires you to pick a winner. What you win will depend on the gaming lines. Couldn’t that be an awesome band name? The gambling line — the true line not the imitation ring — is a method for the sportsbooks to determine who should win a struggle and the way convincingly.

Boxing moneyline odds would seem something like this:

Rocky +130

Apollo Creed -160

In this case Apollo Creed is your preferred and you would need to bet $160 to win $100. Rocky is the underdog so you’d just have to bet $100 to win $130.

The above example between Philadelphia’s favorite son and The Dancing Destroyer is thought to be a competitive matchup. However, there are times where you’ll observe boxers listed as enormous favorites with lines like -10000. You’d have to wager $10,000 to win $100. A good example of a matchup with a massive favorite would be a fight between Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin. When they fought in September of 2018, the chances were Joshua -1100 and Povetkin +650.

FYI – Favorites are constantly symbolized with minus signs (-). Underdogs are constantly represented with plus signs (+). This is consistent across every sport. If you see a favorite or underdog with a different emblem like a smiley face or poop emoji, eliminate this sportsbook. Just like a puppy in a kayak, they have no idea what they’re doing.

Method of Victory
Another common bet you can make on boxing is your method of success. Instead of predicting who will win the struggle, you’d predict the way the struggle will end.

Let us use the exact same Rocky vs Creed instance. Rather than betting on Creed to acquire (-160), you could bet on Creed to win by knockout (+160). If Creed does win via knockout, you’d still win your moneyline bet and you’d win your way of success wager too.

Total Rounds
If you’re looking for another take on boxing betting, try complete rounds. This involves gambling on the amount of rounds a fight will proceed. You will see a line that looks something like this:

O/U 11.5 rounds (-120/+105)

If you think the battle will finish within 11.5 rounds, then you’d bet the UNDER (that is exactly what the U stands for). If you feel the battle goes beyond 11.5 rounds, you’d be that the OVER (that’s exactly what the O stands for). The numbers in the brackets work just like the traces in our other illustrations. The preferred is -120 and the underdog is +105.

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