Horse racing and sports betting betting go hand in hand, so it is unsurprising to discover that this game has developed its own distinctive betting strategies.

Anyone who has read a betting strategy forum is going to have all heard of punters’hedging‘ their stakes, but what exactly does this mean? Hedging means that you gamble on several different results of the same individual race.

Rather than just betting on the winner, by placing a number of bets, it means you stand a better prospect of not losing your overall stake. And by carefully assessing the statistics around the bookie’s chances, it has helped many experienced horse racing punters last the space.

Arbitrage betting follows a similar notion in that you put various bets on each result with different bookmakers to cover your own stakes.

By placing a horse at a low price, and then backing the same horse in a high price with another bookie, you may create a small but significant profit by taking advantage of the discrepancy in chances between the bookmakers. A fantastic illustration of a betting strategy which works to give you a better chance of avoiding a dreadful loss.

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