The Football Union has described Gareth Southgate’s racism worries as“groundless, improper and unnecessary“.
Speaking in the wake of an alleged episode through England’s 4-0 win over Bulgaria at Wembley last weekend, director Southgate said racist abuse was a“concern“ ahead of the return match at Sofia in October.
Sky Sports also understand england’s players to get held discussions on whether to walk off the pitch future if any of them are the subject of racist comments.
But the BFU has composed to Southgate’s and UEFA manager, Football Association chairman Greg Clarke, to express its unhappiness at his remarks.
The words of southgate came later Raheem Sterling was the goal of abuse in Wembley Saturday.
An off supporter was ejected from the floor after a steward overheard him making ahead an alleged racist remark towards the Manchester City during the match.
„Yes, it’s a concern,“ Southgate said about the return match. „It is something which we’ve already planned.
„We have already planned our schedule looks like and we are going to share it with all the players before we go, because we’re aware that there’s background there and we wish to be certain we’re all ready for what could happen and exactly how we would like to respond“
Next month’s qualifier will be England’s first visit to Bulgaria since September 2011, when there was a 3-0 triumph overshadowed by abuse in Sofia.
Ashley Young was subjected to monkey chants during that match, however the Bulgarian Football Union merely got a 40,000 euros (#35,500) fine by UEFA for“discriminatory“ chanting and to get the lighting and casting of fireworks.
But the BFU has reacted angrily to the remarks of Southgate.
„The president of the Bulgarian Football Union Borislav Mihaylov sent an official letter into the UEFA General Secretary Mr. Theodore Theodoridis along with also the chairman of the English FA Mr. Greg Clarke expressing his indignation and disappointment after the public remarks from Mr. Gareth Southgate and the hints that the English players would be subject to racial abuse by the Bulgarian supporters in the approaching European qualifier in Sofia on October 14th,“ a statement read.
„The BFU viewpoints such behavior as groundless, improper and unnecessary prior to the exciting and important soccer game which Bulgarian fans have been searching to in the last year.
„We have not got any official information regarding discriminatory language used by a Bulgarian supporter in Wembley Stadium.
„Even if this is actually the case, however, we believe that generalisations and the production of obviously pressure by documented members of this English team is completely unsuitable and in contradiction with the nature of mutual respect and fair play, the core values of the UEFA and the BFU.“
The Vasil Levski National Stadium will be partially closed for England’s most current trip on account of the conduct of the fans from the 2-1 loss in the Czech Republic in June.
At least 5,000 chairs will be fresh for Southgate’s men’s trip and will instead display a banner using the wording’#EqualGame‘.
Bulgaria’s return fixture against the Czechs can also be expected to be played in a partially-closed floor due to racist behavior in the 3-2 home loss to Kosovo in their June fixture.

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