Following the fast-food series called for transparency in the county board galway GAA have voiced their disappointment with their host, Supermac’s.
The host published a statement on Tuesday evening, outlining how they’ve awarded Galway GAA $1.6m in the last five decades, and raised concerns about the way that it is being allocated.
It came in a time once the county groups‘ situations are up in the atmosphere for your Tribesmen’s government, as PR.
In reaction, a statement was issued by Galway GAA, seeking a meeting involving the parties and hitting at their host.
„Galway GAA is disappointed with the announcement, published by long-serving county sponsor, Supermac’s, about the sponsorship of our county teams,“ read the statement.
„The Galway County Committee admits the long-standing, generous assistance of Pat McDonagh and Supermac’s to Galway GAA, which has been valuable to both parties.
„Galway GAA are happy to confirm that sponsorship, contributed by Supermac’s, proceeded towards the preparation of all our inter-county teams in both codes. For purposes of claritythe board would love to point out that in excess of $7.4m has been spent with Galway GAA from the preparation of the soccer and hurling teams, to the highest standards, over the span of the previous five seasons, Supermac’s payoff has made a valued contribution to the overall cost.
„Our teams are engaged in All-Ireland semi-finals and finals in this period of time, ensuring high-profile and long attempts, over the class of the summers at query.
„In addition to staff preparation costs, there has also been considerable capital expenditure on training centers.“
They went on to offer reassurances of their stability.
„We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss these matters with Pat McDonagh straight,“ they concluded.
„Galway GAA will be making no additional comment“

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