This was a largely unsuccessful night with the FanDuel MLB DFS Picks of previous night as Charlie Morton and the Rays bullpen held the As to only one run — an unearned one.
We received only a single and a walk from each Matt Chapman and Matt Olson while Mark Canha added himself to a walk. Brandon Lowe and seth Brown didnt begin as options, therefore there simply wasnt far to speak of whatsoever from those selections.
We return to the format on this two-game slate that has a pair of NLDS matchups in Atlanta and Los Angeles.
Let us get it!
P — Walker Buehler (LAD) — $10,200 vs. WAS
I will go with a cash-oriented lineup on this two-game slate tonight and that includes rolling with the highest-priced arm at the slate in the Dodgers Walker Buehlers form. Miles Mikolas along with Dallas Keuchel simply do not give you the strikeout upside that I want and Patrick Corbin has never been nearly as great on the street as hes been in the home, so Buehler offers the maximum security and strikeout upside that I need in my cash lineups tonight. He also enjoyed a fantastic year in his first full season in the big leagues as Buehler crafted a 3.26 ERA to cooperate with a 3.01 FIP and 3.37 xFIP. His first 10.61 K/9 clip he authored this year represented an increase in the 9.90 indicate he submitted in 2018 while the wander speed neared elite territory with a little 1.83 BB/9 clip. Like his rival Corbin, Buehler was better at home this year as he owns a 2.86 ERA in Dodgers Stadium when compared with a 3.66 mark over the road. His K-rate jumps from 10.19 K/9 around the path to some 11.04 markers in your home while the walk speed at home finished at a minuscule 0.99 BB/9 mark in the regular season. Theres not a lot to dislike in this matchup against a Nationals team Buehler which hits lefties better than they perform righties.
C/1B — Freddie Freeman (ATL) — $4,200 vs. STL
Even the Cardinals and Braves get together because of their NLDS matchup tonight in Atlanta along with the Braves enter this one wearing the greatest projected run total — by far — with a 5.2 mark as they accept right-hander Miles Mikolas. Like Corbin and Buehler, Mikolas was far better at home that year, however hell be on the road with this 1 tonight in which he submitted an 5.40 ERA on the season and allowed opponents an .848 OPS and .354 wOBA from him. More importantly, his home run rate jumped from 0.94 HR/9 at home to a 1.73 mark around the street, so theres definitely some targetability with Mikolas with this Braves crime. Freeman had his way with right-handed pitching this season because he put together a .280 ISO, 1.005 OPS, .412 wOBA and 154 wRC+ against them this year while the power against righties improved a little bit at home with a .299 ISO against righties in SunTrust Park this year — a place that caters to left-handed power hitters. Freeman has enjoyed success against Mikolas in their own history against one another as hes gone for 10 (.300) with two homers from the Cardinals right-hander. Hes the baseman for a reason.
2B — Kolten Wong (STL) — $2,600 vs. ATL
This lineup worked out totally since I was able to get Wong in my lineup following rostering my heap and a few Dodgers bats also. Even the lefty-swinging Wong would seemingly be in a matchup against the left handed Dallas Keuchel however if his routine season holds through for this 1 tonight, the matchup is not as tough as it might appear on the surface. Wong brings with him some soda but also some real stolen base upside because he swiped 24 bases on the season to cooperate with 11 home runs, 25 doubles and four triples. Wong held his own against left wing pitching this year with a .739 OPS, .317 wOBA and 97 wRC+. However, Wong did a ton of harm on the street this year with a .212 ISO along with .922 OPS in the street compared to a .069 ISO and .654 OPS at home. He clubbed lefties to the tune of a .222 ISO, .910 OPS, .382 wOBA and also a 139 wRC being his best in any divide this season. Wong swiped nine totes around August and September and chose it up after stealing only one base in July. He is projected to strike in the precious two-hole and I think he could give us some production from the spot tonight.
3B — Josh Donaldson (ATL) — $3,500 vs. STL
Donaldson bet using a one-year bargain in Atlanta this year and he has demonstrated his age that is elevated means nothing at this stage as he is coming off a season that saw him bar while playing 155 games on the year 37 home runs. Sure, it doesnt suit the MVP 2015 season with the Blue Jays, but he is still wildly effective, and the fantastic news for this one tonight is that he has been at his very best against right-wing pitching at home that year. Against righties general, Donaldson submitted a .271 ISO, .917 OPS, .381 wOBA and a 135 wRC+ — but those are good most of which can be superior to his numbers against lefties. That said, Donaldson did some significant damage in the home this season where he put together a enormous .328 ISO, 1.037 OPS, .426 wOBA and 163 wRC+. Furthermore, the real damage at home came from righties because he made a .371 ISO, 1.137 OPS, .460 wOBA along with 186 wRC+ against righties in SunTrust Park this year. Just destroying this season. Add it up and I think we need to have Donaldson in almost any lineup tonight.
SS — Corey Seager (LAD) — $3,200 vs. WAS
As noted, the Dodgers open their NLDS series at home against Patrick Corbin and the Nationals this day, also noted was the fact that while Corbin was lights-out in the home, he didnt have his struggles occasionally on the road where he submitted a 4.18 ERA over the season, almost two full runs greater than his 2.40 ERA he published at Nationals Park. It is a lefty-on-lefty matchup tonight with Corbin and Seager, and while Seager did not hit lefties also this year as he did a year ago he certainly held his own and he kicks off a three-man Dodgers stack as a result. Injuries have slowed Seagers rise to stardom, but he came back from Tommy John and hip operations to hit 19 homers, place a .211 ISO along with a 113 wRC+ while enjoying 134 games in 2019. He posted just a .136 ISO at home from lefties, but also a decent .721 OPS along with 97 wRC+ which puts his bat just 3 percent below league average at home versus lefties. On the other hand, the principal reason I want him in this stack tonight is the fact that hes sizzling-hot entering the postseason later producing a .326 ISO, .939 OPS, .379 wOBA along with 138 wRC+ at the month of September. He has a hit in 12 of his last 13 with five doubles, a triple, three homers, eight runs and 13 RBI at the moment. Ill shoot the bat that is white-hot and search for him to get to the lefty within this .
OF — Nick Markakis (ATL) — $2,800 vs. STL
My Brasves stack will be completed by me with a set of outfielders. The power is not going to blow you away as Markakis posted just a .135 ISO and eight home runs on the year, but you only need to enter his lefty-righty divides to see his true worth at this price tag. Markakis does begin against lefties anymore, and for good reason for his .653 OPS against them. Markakis bat is still very effective against righties as he has posted an .816 OPS, .347 wOBA and 112 wRC+ against them this season. Much like Donaldson and Freeman before him, Markakis is going serious harm within this split at home against a righty this season as he submitted a .169 ISO, .890 OPS, .377 wOBA and also a 132 wRC+ against right-handers in SunTrust Park this season. This 132 wRC+ is undoubtedly the number in any divide following the 95 indicate he set on the street against righties this season. I dont like the 1 10 hes against Mikolas within his career, but you know you are likely to acquire quality at-bats in the unfazed veteran this time of this year, something that makes Markakis a real sneaky-good worth pick in addition to his numbers within this split.
OF — Matt Joyce (ATL) — $2,400 vs. STL
I totally believe we will get some real fine worth out of Joyce as well as hes put to anchor this pile out of the projected six hole tonight. With this pile, we ought to be receiving the 3-6 hitters from the Braves lineup, something Im quite happy about from a pitcher which struggled on the street and with players who have thrived this season against righties within this place. Joyce has left his money throughout what has become a lengthy career hitting pitching and he has done in 2019. Entering the playoffs, Joyce posted an .871 OPS, .377 wOBA along with 131 wRC+ against right-handed pitching this season. However, once again we are working with a guy who awakens from righties in the home using a .176 ISO, .942 OPS, .403 wOBA and 149 wRC+ within this scenario. Like Markakis, we all know we are going to find patient, quality at-bats out of Joyce as he posted a substantial 16% walk rate against righties and also a slightly increased 16.4% drop speed in the house against righties. His home run power has never been as prominent, but RBI opportunities should surely be at the cards and he would provide huge value if he can cash in on these tongiht.
OF — Chris Taylor (LAD) — $2,800 vs. WAS
I will finish my Dodgers three-man pile here using our last two roster areas, beginning with Taylor who had himself a enormous regular year against left-handed poching, a thing that I think will continue tonight despite a difficult matchup against Corbin. Throughout the last few seasons Taylor has hit both left and right-handed throwing well, nevertheless hes excelled against left-handers this season with a big-time .262 ISO, .859 OPS, .350 wOBA along with 120 wRC+ against them on the entire. He also continues a theme during this lineup since Taylors best divide comes in the one that he finds himself in tonight — at home versus a left-handed pitcher. Taylor smacked lefties to the tune of a .282 ISO, .940 OPS, .381 wOBA and also a 140 wRC+. Taylor also gives us a stolen base upside since hes swiped eight foundations in part-time duty this year, just two of which came against a left handed pitcher. Hes also stolen a base across his 20 career at-bats against Corbin. His strikeout rate has raised a little season, however, that I think Taylor could signify one of the sneakier selections within this lineup thanks to his gaudy numbers at home against lefties this year.
UTIL — Justin Turner (LAD) — $3,200 vs. WAS
Completing this lineup along with our three-man Dodgers stack is Turner who has once more mashed left-handed pitching this season, but possesses some terrific figures against Corbin. Add it together and I think Turner could have some serious damage in this one tonight. Against lefties in 2019, Turner gather an eye-popping .294 ISO, .939 OPS, .385 wOBA along with also a 142 wRC+ around the season. When we thought the home run power was in full decline after a down year in that department last season, Turner mashed 27 homers this year and 12 against a left-handed pitcher. For some reason I can not describe, Turners entire production has cratered in the home, however, as he published a .639 OPS along with 64 wRC+ in the home from lefties when compared with some huge 1.183 OPS and 204 wRC+ against lefties on the street. However, he posted a .222 ISO in the home against lefties this year, so Im okay with it. I am also fine with it because of the simple fact that Turner has gone 12 for 32 (.375) with 2 homers, three doubles and even a stolen base in his career against Corbin — that the best overall numbers of virtually any Dodger inside this match. Im not hesitating one bit to utilize the veteran lefty-masher within this tonight.

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