Getting Access to Multiple Sportsbooks

Ideally bettors must have access to at least three sportsbooks: 1 sharp, one square and one reduced juice.

Square sportsbooks refer to oddsmakers that cater to the casual bettor. These books generally have fairly low limits and, since novice bettors have a tendency toward betting favorites and overs, generally offer exceptional lines for underdogs and unders. Examples include Bovada, BetOnline, and Sports Interaction (SIA). These sportsbooks are usually times 1/2-point or even more off the market average.

Sharp sportsbooks typically take the greatest limits on matches, and novels like CRIS will frequently take 6-figure bets throughout the NFL season. These books normally have the best lines on overs and favorites.

When most sportsbooks will typically charge a -110 vig on every side, low juice books are much superior for ordinary bettors because they generally have lines of -105 or even -106. While bettors will need to win 52.38% of the bets to break even with regular (-110) juice, that percentage drops to 51.22percent when the juice is -105.

By having access to multiple sportsbooks and always shopping for the best line, bettors can boost their long-term gains by 1-2%. Which might not seem like a lot to players that are newer, but that small difference can often times be the difference between a winning and a losing year.

2. Which sportsbooks if I select?

We try not to make recommendations, however bettors must test out for user comments and expert analysis on every offshore publication. Determine which publications are reliable, provide valuable sign-up bonuses or possess convenient cash out policies.

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