Australian head coach Justin Langer has denied Steve Smith was mocking Jack Leach after his fourth Test victory that saw the group keep the Ashes.
Following the visitors 185-run win in Manchester, Smith envisioned stepped into the centre of a group huddle, wiping off a set of eyeglasses before showing-batting left-handed just as the England spinner does.
„Experience tells me that when you’re doing well, folks will try and pick holes from you,“ Langer said. „I know the truth, Chris Rogers is a excellent partner of the group, that’s all it is about.
„People can make up things they like about it, but that is the truth. Everybody around the world has seen the great spirit the World Cup and this show was played in.“
Smith’s celebration appeared to become a parody of both Leach, that had been made to wash his glasses regularly as he resolutely kept the Australian bowlers from during the next Test at Headingley.
Having played a crucial part in helping England win the game, Leach returned to Yorkshire pitch after the game to.
But, Langer considers the celebrations witnessed by his side at Old Trafford were rather muted because follows soon.
„That party was two out of 10 to some of the ones I’ve seen since we knew we had to play with three days afterwards,“ he added.
„When you have a good day you have to celebrate it provided that you proceed and get ready for another one. We’ve said the whole time, I have mentioned it we are here to win the Ashes, so whilst the other day was a terrific experience, we have still go some company to do.
„There is a great feeling in the team, they know there’s still unfinished business and we’re anticipating this last Test match.“
Meanwhile, despite David Warner’s poor run of form throughout the series, that has seen solitary figure is made by him Langer stated the opener would retain his place in the side.
„Davey has never had a fantastic show,“ he admitted. „There’s no secret about this, however, he is also a fantastic player. If Davey has one good series he will help us win the Ashes I have said throughout the entire series.
„He probably hasn’t been through this narrow streak before so it is going to be a fantastic test of his personality. He has been great he has been good.
„He has not got the runs he would enjoy at the moment but I am looking forward for it when he can. There’s no location in the world to bat than The Oval. Looking forward to seeing him this week“
See the fifth and final Test, from The Oval, live from 10am on Thursday on Sky Sports The Ashes, September 12.

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