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Anthony Joshua’s coach Rob McCracken insists that the wellness of his boxers is of“paramount importance“.
McCracken told the BBC Boxing podcast he“understood Joshua was concussed“ from the third round from Andy Ruiz Jr in June, but allow him fight on ahead of his seventh-round reduction.
Brain injury charity Headway called it a“shocking entry“.
„I’m not a doctor and it could be that concussed is not the perfect term to have used,“ McCracken said on Thursday.
„The wellbeing of all the boxers I utilize is of paramount importance to me and I’ve used my decision making and experience to do what is ideal for them.
„There is no formal concussion protocol in which the doctor steps in to assess the boxer so that you must use your experience as a coach and your understanding of someone to make a determination on if you believe that they could recuperate.
„I have had this lots of occasions in my career in professional boxing at which I’ve recovered from a difficult around to go on and win the struggle. I also have pulled out fighters out of conflicts because I understood it was not in their interests to continue.“
Before the round, where he had been halted by his Mexican-American competition, Joshua appeared puzzled in his corner said to McCracken:“Why am I feeling like this?“
GB Boxing has supported McCracken, 51, who is its functionality manager.
„Anyone who has ever seen him work understands he has the best interests of the boxers in mind,“ a spokesperson said.
„Ensuring we deliver a responsibility of care and protect the physical and psychological health of the boxers is central to how Rob McCracken has headed the world class programme for most boxing throughout the previous 10 years.“
Prior to McCracken’s announcement on Thursday, Luke Griggs, deputy chief executive of Headway, had stated:“Trainers have a duty of care for their fighters and it seems obvious that Anthony Joshua’s coach’s only priority has been winning that struggle, not protecting the fighter from a possibly fatal injury.“
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