Andy Murray has used his protected ranking of world No 2 to put in Great Britain into the inaugural ATP Cup in 2020.
Murray had to use his position to get Great Britain into the group competition in Sydney in January – where each tie has two singles and a rubber – since Kyle Edmund was not high enough to be eligible.
Talking on Thursday, the Scot said:“When I use my protected (standing ), I’ll play as the number one player. If you’re playing at a contest like that, I think, the best player ought to be chosen to perform with.
„The Australian Open are the priority for me. And I don’t need to go there and not play any games. Therefore, I am finding that very a tough decision to make.“
The Scot is in the infancy of his comeback from the trendy performance that saved his career, enjoying only three sisters championships, but he will return to the ATP Tour at a fortnight, with recently dropped down to Challenger degree for the first time in 14 decades, when he heads to China.
He’ll play with three tournaments in China – in Beijing Zhuhai and Shanghai – before returning to Antwerp for the European Open.
The 32-year-old, that has dropped to 415 in the world rankings which makes him the 13, is hopeful of being chosen for the November 18-24 Finals in Madrid in Britain’s Davis Cup team.
„I’m very proficient team competitions in tennis, I just don’t like the week that it (the ATP Cup) is really now at. Have done. I don’t like that there is two group competitions six months apart. It simply doesn’t make sense,“ he added.

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