Who’s Baseball’s best nations

After: March 6-22 In March 2021, World Baseball Classic (WBC) enthusiasts will be looking forward to the championship, and may see one of the most exciting round robins of baseball any place in the world.
The World Baseball Classic is an exciting event that features many of their best players in the world competing for their home countries and territories for the forth time in history.
Every four decades, the very best baseball players from around the world come together to do battle and also be called the worlds‘ best. Marlins Park in Miami hosts Round action with some of the World Baseball Classic’s top teams and star players.
The championship will be conducted jointly by MLB and the MLBPA, in collaboration with Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), their various players associations and other professional leagues from around the world.
This year’s World Classic baseball activity is set to begin on March 6 at Seoul, South Korea.
Two-time champion Japan begins play the next day against Cuba at the Tokyo Dome. The United States begins play on March 10 in Miami against Colombia. The first round is a round-robin format, with the top two groups at each site advancing to the next round, which will be played in the Tokyo Dome and Petco Park in March 12-16.
The winners and runners-up then progress to the finals at Dodger Stadium from March 20-22.

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