What’s a Totals Bet?

Before we can talk about how to conquer totals stakes, we will need to talk about what they’re. You may have heard these referred to as over-under bets by some sportsbooks or those in certain gambling circles. Keep in mind that totals stakes and over-under stakes are precisely the same; the titles are synonymous.

A totals bet identifies a wager where you’re betting on whether the total points, runs, goals, or incidents of something are under or over a particular line. In all situations, it does not matter which players or team score the points, runs, aims, or incidents. The one thing that matters is that the cumulative number from the designated category. Additionally, it doesn’t matter who wins the game or by how many points.

Now, that is the wordy, dictionary-style definition of what a totals bet is. Chances are that half of you’re probably more confused about these bets than when you began reading this guide. This is because totals stakes are hard to describe in words, but they’re extremely simple to describe and comprehend when you use examples. So, let’s look at an example totals wager and that which will become clear.

The most common type of totals bet that you are going to see has to do with all the points scored in a game. Let us look at a college basketball hoop wager example. Let us say that the Gonzaga Bulldogs are playing the Duke Blue Devils at a regular season game.
Now, let’s break down what this means. To begin with, let’s look at the number 168. This number reflects the line on the number of total points that the sportsbook believes will be scored in this game. They’re saying that if you add together all the points scored by both teams, then it must equal 168. If you believe that the total points scored is going to be more than 168, you would bet the above. If you think the total points scored is going to be less than 168, you would bet the under.

The small“o“ alongside the 168 on the Duke line signifies the above. Sometimes, this will just be written out as“Duke over 168,“ and that means the specific same thing. In the event that you should take this bet, you’d be gambling the total points scored by both groups could be over 168. Now, you may be wondering why it says Duke on this line rather than Gonzaga or not the two groups. This is just how in which the sportsbook enjoys to write things to save space on the board. This DOES NOT have anything to do with which team is going to win the game. They could readily be flipped, and it would not make any sort of difference. All that matters is the overall points scored by both teams.

The same is true for the next line. The small“u“ represents the below, but can also be written as Gonzaga under 168 and it would imply the exact same thing. If it were composed as Duke under 168, it would also mean the same thing. A lot of individuals tend to get confused here since they think that it’s something to do with who will win the game who will score the most stage. None of the matters.

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