Overview of“Astroball“

The ideal way would be to read baseball books Since the baseball season heads to the fracture. I began with their approach that required world champions them and this highly-rated book on the Houston Astros. This is my review of“Astroball“
„Astroball: The New Way to Win it All“ by Ben Reiter
Baseball, practitioner, championship, Astros, figures Publish date:
July 10 Length:
272 pages
5 of 5 stars (outstanding)
Baseball is well to a new era in which statistical information is examined and used for nearly every decision a team makes, from which players to draft to in which to place those players on the diamond when a batter steps into the box. While the concept began in the early 2000’s with“Moneyball“, the groundbreaking book by Michael Lewis concerning the Oakland Athletics with this strategy, the Houston Astros dug even deeper to statistical evaluation and their work repaid with a World Series championship in 2017. How they got there is this publication by Sports Illustrated writer Ben Reiter’s narrative.
It’s important to note that Reiter is a Sports Illustrated writer because he wrote a cover story for the magazine in 2014 predicting that the Astros are the 2017 champions. As the Astros suffered through their third season of more than 100 losses, it seemed outlandish at the time. On the other hand, the brain trust of general manager Scott Luhnow and rocket-scientist-turned-baseball-analyst Sig Mejdal saw that their plan implemented starting in 2011 was already starting to take shape.

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