The 145th running of the Kentucky Derby is scheduled for Saturday, May 4 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

We are just a little over a week apart in the major race.
For everything you need to know about gambling this race, take a look at my Kentucky Derby Betting Guide. I will also have my win/place/show selections posted shortly in my Kentucky Derby Predictions article.Ever wonder just how much money is bet on the Derby? You might be amazed by how much activity this occasion brings in. Find out how much money is wagered in my year-by-year betting totals article.
Take a look at the Vegas Odds to Win the 2019 Kentucky Derby
Before we enter the chances, I want take a second to just talk about the way this race was trending. For the longest time there was a massive amount of unpredictability in this race.
The betting favorite has won 18 of the last 52, and it is a win rate of 34.6%. However, prior to 2013 the triumph speed was still sitting at 26.1%. Going into the 2019 race, the betting favorite has won each of their previous six Kentucky Derby’s.
Has the most well-known horse racing event of the year missing its unpredictability? Maybe. The conduct of favorites controlling this race coincided with the change in how the area was determined.
Previously the 20 spots moved to the horses who had the most winnings in graded stakes races. Starting in 2013, the field was based on a new points system, where points were awarded based on a horses operation in select races.
The theory is that the new points system does a far better job of obtaining the top horses in the field for the 1??1/4 mile track. Prior to the points system, horses that snore in sprints (races less than 1 mile) were qualifying for the Derby.
These horses, who had zero chance of winning a race of this length, would head out and put ridiculous paces. Your best horses (betting favorites) would end up attempting to keep up with those sprinters and would run out of petrol, which allowed some of your long shots to win.
2019 Top ContendersWhen we first looked at the chances for its 2019 Kentucky Derby (a little over a week ago), Game Winner and Roadster were tied for the greatest odds at 5/1. While both of those are still considered to be top contenders, they’re no longer the horse(s) to conquer.
The sharps have made Omaha Beach the odds on favorite at 3/1, which will be right around the same odds as last year’s Derby winner Justify. For those wondering, Omaha Beach was listed with the 3rd best odds when we last checked at 6/1.
Getting back to the odds as of right now, Roadster gets the 2nd greatest odds at 9/2 (+450), just slightly ahead of Game Winner in 5/1, Improbable in 6/1, Tacitus at 8/1 and Maximum Security at 10/1.
You then have just a small bit of a gap until we reach are group of contenders. Starting with Code of Honor at 14/1, followed of Will in 16/1, By My Standards at 18/1 and Vekoma in 18/1.

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