The tides may be changing for Gerald McCoy, but the Carolina Panthers‘ newest acquisition wishes to be sure the record is straight on his period as a Buccaneer.
On the latest edition of this RapSheet + Friends podcast, McCoy took a minute to pare back the curtain and address his tenure with the Bucs, amidst various reports coming out in recent weeks regarding his connection with the company that introduced him on May 20 after nine years of service.
„A lot of individuals think Idon’t understand, turned my back on them or disrespected them. I will never do that. I will never say anything bad about Tampa. I’ll never say anything negative concerning Tampa,“ McCoy told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. „It isn’t important how long was said about me personally; it’ll never be reciprocated because I know that organization changed my entire life and also the time I had there was fantastic.
„The lovers, all of the coaches I experienced, all the players I experienced, my entire time in Tampa was a joy and something I will never forget. But everything happens for a reason and my time in Tampa simply came to a conclusion.“
McCoy went on to reiterate his thoughts on devotion, stating that, while he’ll never forget his former team, he is a Carolina Panther now and that his new club will probably get“all Gerald“ at every facet. In addition, he made certain to emphasize NFL greats like Warren Sapp and Randy Moss as gamers who made a lasting legacy with their original team before departing for greener pastures and keeping their standing as game-changers.
McCoy might no longer be in Tampa, but, as long as the creation is still there in Charlotte, he should not have any trouble crafting a new identity as a member of the Panthers‘ defensive front.

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