Its common knowledge that poker pros love to gamble big over the golf course but some particulars were shared by Daniel Negreanu on a golfing podcast No Laying Up lately and the numbers were staggering.
Where he lost thousands and thousands of bucks on the course negreanu recounted two specific circumstances. The first has been a combined $580,000 loss to some group of poker players that are old-school. The next was a stunning $1.2 million loss to good friend Phil Ivey.
Negreanu made the money back to the golf course but only after doing a lot of work in his sport and hiring a golf trainer. It probably did not hurt that he has tens of thousands of millions in lifetime live tournament earnings from poker to drop back on.
Negreanu proceeded to discuss a variety of Gambling Golf And Poker Topics.
It did not take very long for him to realize the gaming potential of this match although negreanu started playing Golf for fun.
Unfrotunately a coach wasnt utilized by that the WSOP bracelet winner it donated to him posting those losses and when he first started golf.
The $580,000 loss came against a field of poker experts. The reduction occurred in one day but the worst was yet to come.
Negreanu largest loss on the golf course took place from Phil Ivey at Shadow Creek. Apparently the clasp of Negreanu was a wreck and he didnt have the advantage of a coach.
Ivey did have a coach, yet, and it paid wages. Negreanu dropped $1.2 million in one round.
I didnt have an opportunity, said Negreanu from the interview. I could not get the ball in the air.
The loss didnt sour Negreanu around Ivey (the couple remain good friends) or golf and he eventually hired a golfing trainer that turned his game .
Phil Ivey was just a killer on the golf course, Negreanu said. Only a complete killer.
According Negreanu he eventually bottomed out with about $ 3 million to.
That wasnt the conclusion of Negreanus golf experience. After hiring golf trainer Christian Sanchez, Negreanu managed to turn his game around and says that he made back the entire $3 million and is now in the black when it comes to gambling.
Sanchez assisted Negreanu navigate the golfing gaming world helped him select on games that he could beat.
In among Sanchez first experiences with Negreanu the pair played with with a high-stakes golf match for a hole. The trainer fought at first and was not utilized to playing those sorts of stakes on the golf course but it finally turned all around. It had been the start of a partnership that would see Negreanu get back the $3 million hed lost on the golf course.
Whats it like playing with ?
First off, no one wishes to tell their handicap to you. Negreanu stated in the interview without a Laying Up that everybody will only let you know what they take and that can be unreliable. In addition, it is common for every person to say they are a golfer once the truth is a situation that is far different.
I played against Mike Sexton, who stated he had been a bogey golfer, and that he shot a 75, said Negreanu. How many bogey golfers shoot 75?
Negreanu went on to mention its common for poker players to frequently have theirbest day about the golf program.
Among thebest day ever stories happened in a game Negreanu played Phil Ivey and fellow poker ace Joe Cassidy.
Ivey was 65 yards outside and wished to bet against Cassidy. Cassidy said he would give 200-1 on $ 1,000 to him to produce the shot. Ivey nailed the shot and picked up a simple $200,000.
Theres not a lot of action amongst the high-stakes poker community on the golf course these days and also the games have died out.

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